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Woodside Attendance Hotline: (925) 682-8000 x7755

Please call whenever your child is absent. Please provide the following info:

  1. Child's Name
  2. Room Number
  3. Teacher Name
  4. Date and reason for absence
  5. Your name and relationship to student

OR you may email this information to Woodside at:

Please note that an uncleared absence is = a Truancy

MDUSD follows the CCHS Guidelines for exclusion of Ill Children. click to view guidelines

MDUSD Student COVID Guidelines view HERE 

Dear MDUSD Families,
Effective April 10, 2023, if a student is chronically absent, the parent/guardian must provide medical verification for future absences to be excused. Once a student is identified as chronically absent they will be required to follow these procedures until the end of this school year. Chronic absenteeism means that a student has missed 10 percent or more of school days(to date) due to absences for any reason—excused, unexcused absences and suspensions. Absences can cause students to have difficulty learning to read by their third-grade benchmark assessments, affect academic achievement in middle school, or affect student motivation to do the work required to graduate from high school. Remember “Every School Day Counts. Attend today, Achieve for a lifetime!

Detailed Attendance Information

Missing a School Day?

Absences – There are only three (3) types of absences that are excusable: 

  1. Illnesses
  2. Doctor/Medical Appointments
  3. Funerals

State and District Policy states the “parents have 72 hours” (3 days) to report and “clear” a student’s absence.  If the reason for the absence is not reported to the school and “cleared”, the absence defaults to a Truancy.

To clear an absence:

  • e-Mail:
  • Attendance Hotline:  (925) 682-8000 ext. 7755 (leave a voice mail)
  • Note from parent/guardian delivered to the Office

Please be sure to include the following information when reporting and absence:

  1. Student’s first and last name
  2. Student’s teacher’s name
  3. Student’s grade level
  4. Your name and relationship to the student, e.g., mother, father, grandparent, etc.
  5. The reason for the absence, e.g., illness, funeral, vacation, etc.
  6. The phone number where you can be reached in case additional information is needed

An “Uncleared” absence = a Truancy

Arrival at school 30 or more minutes after the official start of the school day for no excusable reason = A Tardy and Counts toward a Truancy Letter

Leaving school 30 or more minutes before the end of the school day for no excusable reason = A Tardy and Counts toward a Truancy Letter